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  • This Test is For those who have read the publication on malaria and/or finished the course on Malaria.

  • This can be done using elements of the Roll back malaria initiative as follows:

    Early detection
    Rapid and Effective treatment
    Use of Insecticide Treated nets to eliminate the mosquito vector
    Use of […]

  • IPT is based on the assumption that every pregnant woman living in an area of high malaria transmission has malaria parasites in her blood or placenta, whether or not she has symptoms of […]

  • Treatment Objectives

    The primary objective of antimalarial treatment in severe malaria is to save life. Prevention of recrudescence and avoidance of minor adverse effects are secondary. Quinine or Artemisinin […]

  • ACTs-AL & AA for uncomplicated malaria.
    Injection Artesunate for severe malaria
    ACTs are used in children >5kg.Younger children and neonates are given amodiaquine or quinine except in cases of […]

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