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Benefits of Immunization in Nigeria, A Preventive not Curative Strategy

Oct 28,18

PUBLIC HEALTH INFORMATION: Immunization is Free and It is your basic right as a Nigerian. We can save millions of …

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Management of Convulsion in Children, a Health concern in Nigeria

Oct 18,18

PUBLIC HEALTH INFORMATION: Convulsion/Epilepsy is not an infectious disease, so dont run away from people with convulsion A child having …

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Severe Malnutrition, A Disturbance in Nigerian Health Sector

Oct 14,18

PUBLIC HEALTH INFORMATION: Good nutrition is a human right. Over 15m Nigerian children malnourished Malnutrition is the major cause of …

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Top Health News Headlines 1-12th October 2018

Oct 14,18

The Following are the happenings in the public health sector as it concerns Nigeria, between 1-12th of October.   World …

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Severe Complicated Falciparum Malaria- A Case Study

Oct 11,18

PUBLIC HEALTH INFORMATION: Nigeria has a huge malaria burden Malaria is preventable, treatable and curable by Proper harnessing of resources …

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Congenital Ventricular Septal Defect- A Case Study

Oct 10,18

Public Health Information: Any Doctor is always better than No Doctor. Stop self-medication and always seek expert management when presented …

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